Lindenberg 26 Racing


The Lindenberg 26 was designed specifically for the MORC Rule. Dick Wisti’s Finlandia first won the MORC internationals in 1977, the same year he purchased her (apparently he had the keel faired when he first got her). In 1981, Allendorf’s “Slaughter House” won in Toledo at the Station 34 Nationals. Finlandia won again in 1990 at the joint Station 40/90 Nationals held in Duluth on Lake Minetonka. Finlandia’s alumni crew have fond memories of racing aboard her. MORC rating is around 21.28


PHRF handicaps vary by region (seen below). Lindenberg 26’s tend to rate between 167 and 175, depending on location and assuming a 155 Genoa

Chesapeake Bay, MD PHRF

New England PHRF

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Additional Racing Information available at the U.S. Sailing Website.

Regional PHRF Ratings from U.S. Sailing Database

Lindenberg 26 Outboard (OB)

Alamo 168

Austin 168

Charleston 168

Chesapeake 174

Duluth 168

East Coast 174

Florida S. 171

Galveston 171

Lake City 156

Lake Erie 165

Lk. Lanier 168

L.Michigan 171

Lk. Norman 168

New Eng. 168

N.Carolina 171

Colorado 172

SE Florida 165

So. Cal. 180

S.Atlantic 168


Lindenberg 26 Inboard (IB)

Chicago 174

Lake Erie 168

L.Michigan 174